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Temporary House Cleaners


Here at Find a Private Cleaner we give you a complete cleaning experience. Not only we'll give you the best domestic cleaners for private hire, but we will also provide you with reliable replacement cleaners if you need it.

In our TEMPS section you can find a guaranteed solution for your temporary cover needs.

Here is how it works:

  • Choose the dates you need a replacement cleaner for
  • Refine your other criteria
  • Browse the cleaners that are available on your selected dates
  • Choose your preferred replacement cleaner
  • Follow the simple hiring procedure
  • You only pay the hourly rate requested by the cleaner
  • Pay for the service through our secure check out - no other payment methods are accepted for this service
  • We will withhold the money until the replacement visit is done
  • We will only pay the cleaner after you confirm that you have been happy with the cleaning provided
  • Our temporary cleaners are available to anyone who needs such service