Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 This website (Find a Private Cleaner) is owned and operated by Clever Cleaning Solutions ltd, company number 08834506, registered in England and Wales with a registered address 21 York Crescent, Loughton, Essex, IG10 1RW.

1.2 Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They may be updated, relocated or modified from time to time. By registering on or using our Website (as defined below) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Definitions

2.1 We – means Find a Private Cleaner (the company or us)

2.2 Client - means a person/ individual who uses our Website (whether or not registered with us).

2.3 Website - means the services we offer by means of our website, but excluding Cleaning Services, as provided by the cleaners

2.4 Cleaning Services – means the cleaning service provided by the cleaners listed on our website

2.5 Cleaning Provider – means the service provider (the cleaner) listed on the website

2.6 Review – means any rating, comment or review

2.7 Commission/ fee – the amount paid either by the Client or by the Cleaning Provider in the form of introduction fee or commission

3. Terms of use

3.1 Find a Private Cleaner is an online marketplace, where cleaning providers put their profiles so potential clients can read their details and hire them privately through the website. The company connect them with each other.

3.2 The Company acts as introduction service (in cases of permanent hire) and charges a one-off introduction fee. Find a Private Cleaner is not a party to the contract so is not responsible if the Client or the Cleaner does not do what they have said they will do, or if a Cleaner performs badly.

3.3 The terms and conditions define two different contracts: a) between the Client and the Company regarding the use of our Website and b) between the Company and the Cleaning Provider, regarding supply of the Cleaning Services.

4. General Disclaimer:

Where we describe the Cleaning Providers as vetted and checked, we promise that we have done previous employment reference checks and background checks. The Company reviews all the written applications and selects only the Cleaners that have passed our vetting procedures - meaning the reference checks are not revealing any cause of concern. Each Cleaning Provider is interviewed either in person or over the phone to determine whether they are qualified and capable of completing a particular cleaning task, however we cannot guarantee the Cleaning Provider is suitable for your purposes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any background checks as we cannot guarantee the information is accurate. You use the Cleaning Provider at your risk.

4. Our Service

We are communication platform connecting Cleaning Providers with potential Clients, who are looking to engage them privately to clean their properties. The Clients select Cleaning Providers based on their personal profiles and reviews, with the Company acting as a communicator between them. Once all details are confirmed and the Cleaner has agreed on the proposal by the Client, they enter into a contract between themselves and pay the Company an introduction fee/ commission. The Company doesn’t have any other obligations or responsibilities to both Clients and Cleaners going forward.

5. Fees for Clients

5.1 Fees for hiring Permanent Cleaners - The Client agree to pay the Company an introduction fee of £15.00.  The fee is paid through the secured website system by debit or credit card, after the Company confirms the availability of the cleaner and everything is finilised between the Client and the Cleaner.

Any payments between Clients and Cleaning Providers are to be arranged between them, with no future involvement of the Company.

5.2 Fees for hiring TEMP Cleaners – payment for temporary cleaners are charged differently due to the nature of the provided service. Clients need to make payment to the Company prior to engaging the Cleaner. The payment is done through our secure website after all dates are confirmed with the Cleaning Provider. The Company will keep the Clients payment until all cleaning visits are done and until the Client has confirmed they are happy with the standard of the cleaning. The Cleaning Provider will get the payment after the satisfactory confirmation from the client.

The Company will deduct 20% of the amount paid by the Client as a commission for the provision of the services by the Cleaning Provider. For TEMP services the Client will not be charged anything else apart from the hourly charge stated by the chosen cleaner. The Company’s commission is deducted from the Cleaner’s hourly rate.

6. Selecting a Cleaning Provider

Choosing a Cleaner (for both permanent use or temporary) is done in a following way:

6.1 The Client enters their postcode and refines their criteria

6.2 The results will show Cleaners’ profiles that match selected criteria

6.3 Client selects suitable Cleaning Provider and sends message using the HIRE button at the profile of the Cleaner to confirm the availability, starting time, any eventual meetings or anything else that needs to be confirmed 

6.4 The client makes the payment through the secured website after all is agreed.

6.5 The client agrees to send feedback based on the performance of the cleaner as follows:

6.5.1 after the first month in case of engaging permanent cleaners

6.5.2 after all visits are done in case using TEMPS cleaner

7. Hiring a permanent Cleaning Provider

7.1 After the Company confirms all details regarding the future hire, the Client and the Cleaner have to enter in a private agreement between themselves. They don’t have to sign any formal agreements. The Company will be able to provide a sample agreement form on request, which could be modified according to the individual circumstances and agreements.

7.2 Since all the Cleaning Providers are self- employed or have Limited Companies, the Client will not have any obligations in regards to the TAX of the Cleaners. Each Cleaning Provider is responsible to pay their own National Insurance Contributions and taxes.

7.3 The clients agree to post a review regarding the hired cleaner within a month after they engage them (or after the last visit when hiring TEMPS). We won't display the clients personal information - the review will contain only the first name and the surname initial.

8. Complaints

8.1 The Client has the right to request different Cleaning Provides in case the chosen and engaged Cleaner has provided poor service. The Company will give the Company a choice to select a second Cleaning Provided without paying another introduction fee. Should the second Cleaning Provider has proved to be unsatisfactory, then the client has the right to cancel any agreements and the Company will refund the original fee of £15.00 paid by the Client. The Company can not be held liable for any payments done to the Cleaning Provider.

8.2 When a TEMP Cleaner is used and there is a complaint by the client, the Company will offer a second choice of cleaner to the customer should the originally chosen Cleaner has not performed to the expected cleaning standards.The Company shall not be held liable for any poor service provided by a temporary cleaner.

9. Refunds for Clients

The Company will refund the Client the introduction fee they paid in the following cases:

9.1 Refund of the fee for permanently engaged Cleaning Providers - if the Client has made one complaint and has been given the chance to select a second cleaner, but is still not happy with the second choice. In this case the Company will refund the Client the full amount for the fee they've paid

9.2 When hiring TEMPS and there is a no- show the Client will be offered full refund of the amount paid or a choice of selecting another Cleaning Provider. We reserve the right to keep the amount and not refund it to the client should they not inform us of such situation within 24 hours of the scheduled visit.

9.3 Client will be given full refund of the paid introduction fee or offered an alternative Cleaning Provider free of charge if the originally selected Cleaner leaves the Client within the first 6 months.

10. Fees for Cleaning Providers

10.1 Fees for permanent Cleaning Providers – The Company will charge the Cleaners that have been selected for a private hire a 20% commission on the earning during the first month. The fee is payable at the beginning after the new appointment is confirmed. The final payable amount will be calculated based on the agreed hourly charge, number of hours and the frequency of the visits. The Cleaner has to pay the fee through the secure website payment system.

The regular future payment by the Clients should be done in full directly to the Cleaner. It is the Cleaner’s responsibility to request the payment for the future appointment.

10.2 Fees for TEMP Cleaning Providers – The Company will withhold 20% of the payments for any temporary appointments as a commission. Clients will pay the full amount to the Company and the Company will make the payment to the Cleaner after all visits are done and the Client has confirmed that all was done to a satisfactory level.

10.3 The Company will refund the Cleaning Provider any paid commissions in the event of the Client cancelling the agreement with the Cleaner within the first month. If there was a complaint from the Customer regarding the standard of the cleaning and they request alternative cleaner, the commission paid by the Cleaning Provider at the beginning is non refundable.

11. Feedback from the Clients and scoring system

11.1 Any feedback will be put in the Cleaner’s file and it should form the overall performance score of the Cleaning Provider.

11.2 If the Company receives a Complaint by the Customer regarding the standard of the cleaning or the reliability of the Cleaning Provider, the Company will put the Cleaning Provider on observation.

11.3 Cleaning Providers that receive 3 or more consecutive negative feedbacks will be removed from the listings on the website.

12. Privacy Policy

We will provide the customer’s contact details to the cleaner in order to enable the service to be provided.

We will provide the cleaner’s contact details to the client when they book them through the website.

Each Cleaning Provider’s profile on the website will contain a photo, fist name and surname initial, as well as some general information regarding the abilities /preferences of the cleaner. The cleaning providers may amend the information on their profiles at any time.

When customers post reviews for the cleaners, we will show only their first name and the surname initial.

Any information concerning the collection, disclosure and use of the information could be found in our Privacy Policy (www.findaprivatecleaner.co.uk/privacy). By using our website you acknowledge and agree that we may process your personal date according to our Privacy policy, which could be changed from time to time.

13. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Find a Private Cleaner may change these Terms and Conditions form time to time. Please check the Terms and Conditions periodically to see any changes. By using the website after the Terms and Conditions have changed you agree to be bound by the revised Terms and Conditions, which will become effective within 14 days after they have been posted.

14. Termination or suspension

14.1 We may at anytime suspend the accounts of the Cleaning Providers, remove their profiles from the website and suspend their accounts if:

14.1.1 the information provided turn out to be false

14.1.2 we determine in our sole discretion that such action is necessary in order to comply with the legal requirements or it is in the Company’s best interests

14.1.3 the Cleaning Provider violate our terms and conditions

14.1.4 the Cleaning Provider received three consecutive negative reviews

14.2 We may suspend any Client from hiring a cleaner through the website if:

14.2.1 they failed to comply with our terms and conditions

14.2.2 the information provided turn out to be false

14.2.3 we believe this is necessary to protect the security of the service

15. Cancellation policy

15.1 Clients can cancel any initial appointment by giving 24 hours notice in writing.

15.1.1 when the client has hired a permanent cleaner and they cancel the service before the cleaner has yet started, they will get a full refund of their paid fee should they give us the required 24 hours notice in writing

15.1.2 any future cancellations for permanently hired cleaners should be sorted out between the Client and the Cleaning Provider.

15.1.3 Clients can cancel their permanent cleaner hired through us at any future point -  they can do this according to their personal agreement with the Cleaner. The fee paid to the Company at the beginning is non refundable, unless there is a complaint issue – see clause 8.1.

15.1.4 in case of cancellation of TEMP cleaners the client has to give the required 24 hours notice in writing in order to get full refund of the money paid for the visit

16. Intellectual Property

All trademarks, logos, photos, text, animation, videos and software used on the website are our intellectual property. You are only permitted to use the Website material as expressly authorised by our licensors or us. You acknowledge and agree that the material and content contained within the Website is made available for your personal non-commercial use only and that you may (if necessary to make a purchase) download such material and content onto only one computer hard drive for such purpose. Any other use of the material and content of the Website is strictly prohibited. You agree not to (and agree not to assist or facilitate any third party to) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material and content.

17. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the English Law. Any disputes regarding these Terms and Conditions should be dealt with in the English Courts.

18. Indemnity

By using our website you agree to indemnify Find a Private Cleaner, its directors, employees, officers, agents, consultants, affiliates from and against any claims, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities which may include reasonable solicitors or accounting fees and costs, in connection with the use or the inability to use the Services. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. You will not, in any event, settle any claim or matter without the written consent of Find a Private Cleaner.

19. No liability

Find a Private Cleaner is not responsible for and shall have no liability in relations to any cleaning provider and the satisfactory quality of the service provided.

You agree that the use of the service is entirely at your own risk. Any disputes with the Cleaning Providers should be sorted between the Client and the Cleaner. You agree to release the Company from any claims, damages or demands of every nature, arising of or connected with such disputes.

20. Third party websites

We may link to third party websites, which might be of interest of you. You can use these websites on your own discretion and we cannot be held legally responsible for the goods or services these sites offer, nor we recommend or endorse them. You can use such third party websites at your own risk.

21. Contact details

If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions or the service offered on our website please send us an e-mail to info@findaprivatecleaner.co.uk or contact us by post at:  78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP.