Who are Find a Private Cleaner and what are they doing?

Find a Private cleaner is an online marketplace for hiring domestic cleaners on a private basis in London and across the UK. We connect clients with independent house cleaners, which are available for private hire through our website. All you need to do is pay us a small introduction fee of £15.00 in order to hire them directly.

What makes you different?

We've created a bespoke service that no one else provides – as an introduction platform for cleaners and clients we give you the chance to choose your preferred cleaner. We vet our cleaners first, making sure they are experienced, trustworthy and reliable, but the final decision is yours – you select the person that ticks all the boxes for you. We don't send you whoever is available or whoever replies first – you make your own informed choice.

We give you the chance to engage the cleaner privately so they can get the full amount you are paying and always stay motivated.

Why should I choose you over a standard domestic cleaning company?

Most people get a cleaner through a standard domestic cleaning company first and then hire them privately,  breaching their contracts. We want to give you an option to do this legally in the first place, as well as choosing who you want to come to your house.

With us you get the security of a cleaning company in terms of vetting procedures and insurance, plus the benefits of having a private cleaner:

  • a chance to hire a cleaner privately by paying us a small introduction fee of £15.00
  • a choice to personally select the house cleaner that is suitable for you
  • a selection of  top domestic cleaners, that are only available on a private basis
  • cleaners that are reference checked and vetted by us
  • all domestic cleaners on our website have their own public liability insurance
  • replacement cleaners and emergency cover when needed though our TEMP section, which operates on the same personal selection principle

Why our model works?

Our model is successful, because the cleaners are getting the full and the best hourly pay and they are motivated to do their work in the best possible way, without cutting any corners.

On the other hand, the clients are happy too as they can personally choose their cleaner, hire them privately and still get replacement cleaners through the TEMP section when needed.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, they are. To be listed on our website all house cleaners need to be self-employed individuals and have personal public liability insurance. We know how important this is for everyone who will hire a cleaner privately, that's why this is a must for all our applicants.

What happens if the cleaner breaks something at my house?

We do understand that accidents happen, that's why all our domestic cleaners have their own public liability insurance. In case of an accident you can speak to your cleaner directly and decide what the best way to sort it out. You may also be able to claim from your personal home insurance.

Please do inform us for anything that happens after you engage the cleaner privately – we want to update their rating scores and your feed back is valuable to us. If a certain cleaner happens to be negligent or unreliable, we'll exclude them from our listings immediately.

How do you vet your cleaners?

All our cleaners have passed vetting procedure that includes reference checks and personal interviews. We won't list anyone on our website who hasn't passed our identity verification and met the required criteria.

What is the level of the service provided by your cleaners?

The overall performance level of the cleaners is well above the average standards. All our domestic cleaners have at least 2 years experience and they have very good feedback from their customers.

How do you make sure the cleaner will maintain a high standard in the future when hired privately by the client?

We select only the top domestic cleaners in London and the surrounding areas and we make sure they don't drop the standard in the future and they don't cut any corners. All clients are welcomed to send us feedback at any time in the future after they hire a cleaner through our website. If a certain cleaner receives three consecutive poor service feedbacks they will be automatically removed from our listings.

What if I am not happy with the service?

In an unlikely event of you not being completely happy with the cleaner you have the right to choose an alternative cleaner within the first month. You won't pay a second fee. If you are still not satisfied with your second cleaner we'll refund the introduction fee you've paid us.

Who are the cleaners at Find a Private Cleaner?

Most of our domestic cleaners have been working in standard domestic cleaning companies in the past, but after gaining experience and confidence they have decided to work privately in order to earn more money. Our house cleaners usually work on their own, getting the full benefits of their experience and high quality service.

How much do I pay the cleaner?

You can decide how much you want to pay for the cleaning service and choose a cleaner in your preferred budget range - £8.00, £10, £12.00 p/h etc. We have cleaners available at different hourly rates to suit every budget. The more you are prepared to pay, the more experienced cleaner you'll get. All payments go to the cleaners directly, we wont take anything else apart from the one-off introduction fee of £15.00,  which you pay at the beginning.

How much is your introduction fee?

We charge a small introduction fee of £15.00 after you choose your preferred cleaner. This is a one-off payment at the beginning, you pay it through our secure website. You don't have any other obligation to us after that.

How do I pay the cleaner in the future?

You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer to the cleaner. You can pay them every time they come or once a month. Each cleaner states what their preferred payment terms are. You can negotiate and choose a payment method or terms, which are convenient for both of you.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, there is no need to sign any contract with us. We work as an introduction platform and you don't have any future obligations to us. You can sign a contract with your cleaner if you want to. Sample contracts are available on request.

What if I can't find a domestic cleaner that is suitable for my preferences?

If you have special requirements and none of the listed cleaners seems suitable please send us an e-mail through our CONTACT US form and we will match you with the best candidate.  You can approach us if you have any special requirements or if you need a tailor made service. You can send us a brief message about what you are looking for and we will call you back to discuss your needs. We can also send a member of our team on site if you are not sure what exactly you need.

What if the cleaner I've hired leaves me after few months?

Since the conditions of work are very attractive for the cleaners they tend to stay with the clients for a long time. However, any unexpected change of circumstances may cause the cleaner to leave you after few months. If this happens and the cleaner leaves you in the first 6 months, we'll give you a choice to select another cleaner without paying another introduction fee.

However, we pride ourselves to have the lowest turnover rates.

Would you provide me with a replacement cleaner when needed?

We can indeed offer replacement cleaning service to anyone that might need such service. Customers can choose replacement cleaner that is suitable for their own personal needs and circumstances.

Our TEMP section gives you a large number of temporary domestic cleaners available for one-off sessions or for longer cover periods.  Just browse the available TEMP cleaners, choose whoever seems the right person for you and hire them for the requested period.

* this service is provided at a different payment terms. You need to pay us for all temporary visits  you book rather than paying the cleaners directly. There are no other charges for customers who hire TEMP cleaners - they only pay the hourly rate stated by the cleaner. We will only pay the cleaner at the end,  after you confirm that the cleaning was done to a satisfactory level. 

May I use your TEMP cleaners even if I haven't got a regular domestic cleaner through you?

Yes, our TEMP cleaners are available for everyone who has a private cleaner and struggles when they can't make it due to sickness or when on holiday. We understand how difficult could be to find a reliable cover and that's why we've given you the choice to select your preferred replacement cleaner based on their ratings and other personal details.

May I use your TEMP cleaners for a one-off session?

Yes, you may indeed. The domestic cleaners in this section are available for one-off appointments as well as temporary replacement visits.

Can I book a same day clean?

You can indeed. Due to the short notice given you may not be able to choose a cleaner, but we will definitely be able to send you a cleaner  that is available. Call us on 0208 819 3235 or send a request through our contact us form when you need a same day cleaner and we will organise it for you ASAP.

I've never had a cleaner before and I don't know how many hours I need?

Don't worry, send us a message explaining how big your home is and what you need to be done. We'll be able to give you a guideline of the amount of time needed.

Do the cleaners bring their own cleaning materials and equipment?

Usually the cleaners don't provide the cleaning materials and equipment. Some of them will be able to do this , but should be discussed prior to hiring them. There may be an extra charge for providing the cleaning materials.

What areas you cover?

We cover London and the surrounding areas as well as some of the major cities in UK. You can enter your postcode and see if there are any available cleaners in your area. If we don't currently have any private cleaners in your area please do send us an e-mail and we'll make sure we make the necessary steps to expand to your area too.