How To Choose A Domestic Cleaner

Domestic cleaning When it comes to choosing a domestic cleaner there are few very important things you should consider:


   - Is the cleaner vetted and checked
  - Is the cleaner insured
  - Is the hourly charge competitive
  - What standard of the cleaning you can expect
  - Is a replacement cleaner provided

People have different criteria when they choose a house cleaner. Some prefer private cleaners, others choose to use a cleaning agency. No matter what you choose you need to always make sure you get the best service and the best cover.


1. Use only vetted cleaners

No matter what option you are going for, you should always make sure the cleaner is vetted and checked. Cleaning companies offer checked and vetted cleaners and it is always safer to use an agency when it comes to letting a stranger into your house. If you use a cleaner through recommendation you can also feel safe that the person who comes to your house is not a complete stranger Choosing a private cleaner from an advertisement or other online recourses is a bit tricky so always make sure you do the necessary checks beforehand.

2. Insured cleaners

Insurance is the second most important thing you should ask for when you hire a cleaner. Accidents happen and you want to be protected. Most cleaning companies offer insured service. Make sure that either the cleaner or the cleaning company they are sent through are insured so you can have a peace of mind. If you hire a cleaner through a cleaning company always read their terms and conditions to check what exactly their insurance cover and if there is one in the first place. Some cleaning companies may have appealing rates and flexible terms, but their service is actually not insured at all.

With private cleaners it is your responsibility to make sure the cleaners have their own insurance, even though not all private cleaners will provide such.

3. Competitive hourly rates

 When you shop around for cleaners don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest one. The cheapest rates sometimes mean low standards and inexperienced cleaners.  An experienced cleaner with good references will charge in a region of £10.00 -£12.00 per hour. This is if they work privately. Cleaning companies charge in a region of £9.00 to £12.00 per hour, plus VAT on top.  The cleaners are paid between £6.50 and £9.00 per hour, which sometimes is very important in terms of their personal dedication. Always ask the cleaning company how much they are paying to their cleaners to get an idea what to expect in terms of cleaner’s performance.

4. Cleaning standards

When it comes to performance and results, there are different expectations and you can’t always define which service is good and which is excellent. Some people prefer the cleaner to be more initiative, while others want the cleaner to do only what they ask them to do. However, there is a big difference between good and excellent cleaner in terms of execution of the service. The excellent cleaner will always move any items to clean underneath and will always mop or hoover the floor even if it looks clean.  While the average cleaner can clean around objects, not moving everything and simply do a good job without paying special attention on each and one single detail. The house may look clean and can smell fresh in both cases, but you can always tell if the cleaner has touched every single inch of the house or have simply cleaned the visible parts only. Different people have different visions of cleanliness so how good or bad a cleaner is depend really on the client’s personal standards and expectations.

5. Replacement cleaners

Being left without a cover while your cleaner is away is not the best option for you so always make sure there is a replacement cleaners available for these cases. Cleaning companies will always send a replacement when your cleaner is sick or on holiday. It might not necessarily be the best cleaner, but at least you will have someone to take care of the household chores.

With private cleaners the situation is slightly different – usually the private cleaners arrange friends to cover them while they are away. You can also skip a couple of weeks and do the cleaning yourself. This will definitely make you appreciate the fact that you are not doing the household work all the time.

Be careful when selecting your domestic cleaner and be wise when you choose the best option for you. Perfect domestic cleaning arrangements mean hassle free time for you to be spent on the things you love. Invest in your house cleaning as you do for the other aspects of your life. Keep your cleaner happy especially if they are good – good cleaners should be appreciated as they are not easy to find.  

Posted on 25-04-2014