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What Is Find a Private Cleaner

Find a Private Cleaner is the largest database of private domestic cleaners in London, and across the UK. This is the perfect place to find a house cleaner who is experienced, insured and motivated. We know that finding a reliable cleaner that is right for you can be difficult, so we have created this service to make the process easier for you. You will not find our cleaners through standard domestic cleaning companies. Our cleaners only work privately and all provide a premium service.

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How It Works

1. Just enter your post code and choose what day(s) of the week you want the cleaner to visit, how much you would like to spend and any other requirements that you might have.

2. Browse through our selection of hand picked, quality domestic cleaners.

3. Select the house cleaner that suits your needs.

4. Follow the simple hiring procedure through our website.

5. Pay a one-off introduction fee of £15.00 and  hire your new domestic cleaner directly. No ongoing obligation to us!

6. Future support from us available when needed -  we also offer replacement cleaners for holiday or emergency cover.

What We Offer

We offer a wide selection of handpicked domestic cleaners. All of whom are insured, vetted and experienced.

We interview each of our cleaners to make sure only the best and most reliable domestic cleaners appear on our site.

We provide a ratings and feedback feature so that you can see what other users think of a cleaner.

All of our domestic cleaners have their own Public Liability Insurance, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Every one of our house cleaners is self employed, meaning you don’t have to worry about sorting their tax or national insurance.

Why Choose Us

Unlike other domestic cleaning companies, we don’t charge you any monthly or annual fee. You pay us the introduction fee and that’s it! We don’t withhold a percentage of your future payments, meaning the cleaners receive every penny you pay them.

We hand pick only the very best cleaners in the industry after carefully checking their references.

Hiring a domestic cleaner through us is a total WIN-WIN :  there is no other place to find so many insured, reference checked and rated cleaners, make a personal selection, hire a cleaner privately and still get future support when you need. We have the lowest turnover rate of cleaners, because everyone is extremely happy with what they get from us!